Obtain emotional insights directly from your target audience's brains through our neuroscience and machine learning technology.


Level up your traditional playtesting!

Emotions extracted from the brain activity using EEG devices

Eye-tracking data

Player survey

Playthrough Statistics



Get objective, accurate and detailed data about player's emotions and overall experience


Support your design ideas with objective data

Using state-of-the-art neurotechnology, we extract players' emotions while they play your game. This method provides the most objective and accurate information about the players' experience. You can use this data to back up your design ideas or figure out exactly what the issue with the gameplay is.

Keep the players in the flow

With our data, you can directly observe the flow state of the player. We identify when and why players leave this state. Additionally, we can tell you which parts of the map elicit which emotions which you can benchmark against your hypotheses.


Analyze any feature

You want to know if gameplay features work as planned and induce the intended emotions? Using our short-term emotional data with a high temporal resolution enables to retrieve what players felt when they discovered new mechanics, found a new item, killed an enemy, completed a challenge or any other feature that you might think of.

Fine-tune the experience

Find the best game balance to keep your audience engaged and attract new players. Our technology tracks when exactly the player gets frustrated from the challenge or bored form the lack of it.

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Taking Your Game to
the Next Level

Time and Scope

You decide the time and scope. Which game has to be tested, which development phase you are in and which insights you want to get out of the test

Target Audience

You make the decision about the future target audience to make sure that we test your game under real conditions

Operational Relief

We take care of all the operations in our own testing lab and growing tester database that can cater to any of your requirements.

Quick insight delivery

We make sure to deliver you the insights we got from your test quickly and in an easy-to-understand way. By this, we support you on what you can do best: Develop the game that your players will love!

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